Timmah Uniacke (timmar) wrote in lucid_flame,
Timmah Uniacke

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My fingers are mighty raw!

so hey ya we managed to get together over the last few days..... but unfortunatly not as much as we'd hoped. (i worked too much) but it was still a very productive few days...... Justin and claire were hard at work all day fine tuning tunes for me to come and learn.... much like always...;. it seems as though every time we have sessions, the chalenge is even greater for me... Like when we started tears of exsitance was the hardest thing I'dever tried... now that song is so smple.... we play it almost as a joke at practice! but I still love it and I love my band..... so yep I'll try to keep this community as up to date as possible...... rock out mother fuckers!
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